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These programs are for you if…

* You want to FEEL better, LOOK better, BE happier. 

* Your kids have left the nest (or are about to) so you’re entering a new phase of life.

* You sense there’s more for you out there… you have talents to share with the world.

* You want to regain that spark – in your relationship and in your life.

* Perhaps your job is no longer fulfilling and you want a change.

* You're wondering what’s next for you, at this stage of your life.

* You want to love your body, love your life!

* You’re ready to feel financially unburdened, unstuck, and ready for something fun!

You have come to the right place.

You can do better than "doing fine"

But “hoping” things will get better doesn’t work.



    Rena’s passion is infectious. When I work with her I want to push my limits, and release my creative energy. I appreciate her honesty, compassion, and take-no-prisoners attitude. I feel safe sharing my MOST vulnerable self when I am working with her. She has this way of knocking my walls down.  She has a realness that always comes across. I never thought I could be guided by someone that I wasn’t physically present with, but the guidance she gave via phone and video calls was more powerful an impact than my weekly sessions with my therapist.


    Working with Rena is exciting, interesting and fulfilling. Her insight, calm demeanor, and conversational ease made it very easy for me to create positive, directed changes in my life. Further, Rena’s warmth and gentle inquiry allowed me to feel entirely comfortable, as well as productive, about the steps I was taking towards positive change. With Rena, you will discover more of your true, full, and complete self. I am so grateful for the deep and tremendously fulfilling benefits of her coaching.



Work Together

Live Workshops

Online Courses

Group Coaching

Individual Coaching

Business Coaching


My online courses provide the most affordable way to gain the benefits of my personal coaching. Unlike workshops and personal/group coaching, these courses are not live, so you are free to listen, learn and do the written exercises at your convenience.

Each course has a different focus but delivers a broad array of sub-topics to help you peel away the layers of your onion to get at the heart of what drives you, what holds you back, how to push past self-doubt, get more organized, stop procrastinating and achieve your goals.



Every year I host a variety of live workshops and events (now online), focused on specific topics. So whether you want to design your next chapter, start your own business (or take your existing business to the next level), or simply learn how to get unstuck, we’ve got you covered. During each workshop, we dive deep into YOU and your personal and professional goals, so you walk away with clarity and a game plan you can start implementing immediately. 


Our live group coaching programs combine the power of the coaching conversation with the gift of group support, to design and create the life you want.

Each session is led by Rena and maximizes the combined energy, input, and support of the participants to help achieve individual goals. Group participation and engagement is key. Your peers give you feedback, help you brainstorm new possibilities, and set up accountability structures that help keep you focused and on track.



Get world class coaching, accountability, support, and RESULTS from personal, one-to-one coaching with me via live video calls.

Individual coaching with Rena is a very collaborative process. I focus on who you are as a whole person and what kind of life you want, including career, relationships, physical (body), emotional (mind/spirit), community, and financial.

You will come away with clarity on what you are facing, focus on what’s most important to you, and a structure to move forward so that you know exactly what your next action steps are and how to measure them.

I support you with guidance, insight, and feedback – and sometimes a little tough love to help keep you accountable and on track.



I believe in empowering women in many ways. I also believe women empower themselves by having more than one source of income.

It’s important for us women to be financially independent, but sadly, very few traditional jobs offer enough flexibility, job security and upward mobility. So diversifying your income is critical.

In addition to the options listed above, each year I personally coach, train and mentor a select group of women who want to start and grow their own online business, part-time. Click below to learn more about this select group.


You deserve

the little joys in life and the big ones…

Bubble baths, wine-infused date nights, lots of laughs, time away with your besties, meaningful work, joy-filled relationships, recognition for your talents and contributions, fun vacations, blissful self care, feeling excited to start the day, loving life on the other side of forty and fifty.


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